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Google wants your car listings, events | CNET
"In a move that could put Google in competition with eBay, the search giant is testing a new service that would allow people to post and make searchable any type of content, a Google spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday. "

posted at 12:44 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Official Google Blog: Rumor of the day: "We are testing a new way for content owners to submit their content to Google, which we hope will complement existing methods such as our web crawl and Google Sitemaps. " - referring to

posted at 9:50 AM

Google revenue nearly doubles | CNET
"The Internet bellwether on Thursday posted a net income of $381.2 million, or $1.32 a share, on record revenue of $1.58 billion, up 96 percent from a year earlier on strong global advertising. "

posted at 2:01 PM on Friday, October 21, 2005

Tempted by blogs, spam becomes 'splog' | CNET
"Google's Blogger blog-creation tool and BlogSpot hosting service, together the most popular free blogging service on the Web, fell victim this past weekend to the biggest 'splog' attack yet--an assault that led to clogged RSS readers and overflowing in-boxes, and that may have manipulated search engine rankings. "

posted at 12:23 PM on Thursday, October 20, 2005

AOL: In Search of a New Strategy - Knowledge@Wharton:
"America Online is once again the center of Time Warner's growth strategy, and this go around there are a number of potential partners -- ranging from Microsoft and Google to Yahoo and Comcast -- reportedly interested in buying a minority stake. Yet to be determined is how the latest AOL business model, which includes both dial-up Internet access and advertising, will evolve."

posted at 9:15 AM

Bloggers unite for aggregation site | CNET
"A group of bloggers including mainstream journalists from outlets such as CNBC, The Nation and The New York Times are banding together to strike a blow at established media and pick up some ad dollars in the process.
Operating initially as Pajamas Media--a play on criticism that bloggers are 'just a bunch of guys in their pajamas'--the site will offer original content and links to affiliate sites written by more than 70 bloggers, as well as basic news feeds from sources like The Associated Press, said novelist and screenwriter Roger L. Simon, one of the founders. "

posted at 1:07 PM on Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Google pledges millions to 'good works' | CNET
"Google has begun to make good on its commitment to plow a small fraction of the proceeds from its wildly successful stock offering into social investment projects.
Funding for 'good works' will largely be derived from the donation of 1 percent of the equity from last year's initial public offering, along with 1 percent of its annual profits.
Google said Tuesday that it plans to organize its charitable work under the umbrella of a new organization it calls The mission is to focus on vast issues like global poverty, energy and the environment. "

posted at 12:51 PM

Yahoo unveils blog search tool | CNET
Yahoo has revamped its news search tool to grab material from thousands of blogs in addition to headlines from 6,500 newspapers and magazines.

posted at 12:04 PM on Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yahoo podcast Search
New beta release from Yahoo allowing users to search for relevant podcasts to subscribe to

posted at 3:12 PM on Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo to launch podcast search site | CNET
"Yahoo is expected to launch on Monday a podcast service that offers access to much of the streaming audio on the Web and features user reviews and other information about the programming."

posted at 11:44 AM

Google Reader
Google's new RSS reader - helping them to further integrate their offerings

posted at 8:06 AM

Google tests personalized news feed service | CNET
"Google launched a test version of a new service on Friday that gathers reports from syndicated news sites and blogs across the Web.
The program, called Google Reader, aggregates news and updates from selected sites. It lets users subscribe to material from the sites and create a reading list that they can sort and organize. Users can post news items to their blogs or send them to friends via e-mail directly through the Reader site, Google said. "

posted at 7:55 AM

Why Is Microsoft Afraid of Google? - Knowledge@Wharton:
"While Google, of Mountain View, Calif., is keeping all competitors on their toes, it poses a special threat to one particular company -- Microsoft. Why? Because Google's existing and potential products -- as well as those of other firms -- raise the specter that the behemoth of Redmond, Wash., may witness the erosion of its control over the platform for the next generation of software application development, according to Wharton faculty members who follow the technology sector."

posted at 8:09 AM on Friday, October 07, 2005

Google adds Princeton president to its board | CNET
"Google has elected Princeton University President Shirley Tilghman to its board of directors, building on its efforts in science, the company announced Wednesday. "

posted at 3:36 PM on Thursday, October 06, 2005

Great Google Maps Hack for Local Search:
"Last week, I noticed a link on Matt Cutt's blog to a great Google Map hack designed to let you see the outline of particular zip codes. I've since found it to be an incredibly handy tool while house hunting and I've got to think that there are plenty of other great uses for it. "

posted at 3:15 PM on Wednesday, October 05, 2005

URL Rewrite ISAPI filter for IIS:
"URL Rewrite Filter for IIS
Powered by regular expressions, Mod Rewrite is an URL rewrite engine made to help webmasters gain control over the way Mircrosoft's IIS handles URLs.

Mod Rewrite is placed between IIS and the HTTP requests made to the web server, giving it the ability to manage URLs before they are processed. "

posted at 11:55 AM

FAQ: The Sun-Google partnership | CNET
"Tuesday's alliance between Google and Sun Microsystems is a significant development for both companies and for the computing industry. "

posted at 11:38 AM

Google, Sun plan partnership | CNET
"Sun Microsystems and Google plan to announce a collaborative effort that some analysts speculate could elevate the profile of the and Java software packages.
Details won't emerge publicly until Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Sun CEO Scott McNealy take the stage on Tuesday at a news conference in Mountain View, Calif. But one strong possibility is a partnership that could help shift personal computing out of Microsoft's domain and into Google's. "

posted at 2:28 PM on Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Yahoo to digitize public domain books | CNET
"Yahoo will scan and digitize only texts in the public domain, except where the copyright holder has expressly given permission. The OCA project also will make the index of digitized works searchable by any Web search engine."

posted at 11:43 AM on Monday, October 03, 2005

Google in San Francisco: 'Wireless overlord'? | CNET
"While some people worried about privacy issues, others on Saturday praised Google's proposal to blanket San Francisco with free wireless high-speed Internet access, saying it will help bring fast Web connections to more people in more places for less money than they are paying now. "

posted at 4:44 PM on Sunday, October 02, 2005

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