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MSN buys into Net calling future | CNET
"Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has purchased a small Internet calling start-up called Teleo, as part of a move to expand the capabilities of MSN Messenger. "

posted at 11:56 AM on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Google Talk Offers Instant Messaging & Voice Chat:
"As widely expected, Google waded into the instant messaging space today with the debut of Google Talk, an IM client that also offers the ability to make voice calls between computers."

posted at 11:51 AM on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google unveils instant-messaging entry | CNET
"Google has launched an instant-messaging program that allows text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections, a move that highlights the search giant's increasing competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online. "

posted at 11:49 AM

Google penalty checklist
a guide for what to look for if you've been banned in Google

posted at 9:21 AM

Google changes irk advertisers, please publishers | CNET
"Publishers who have seen a bump in revenue through Google's advertising program are heaping praise on recent changes, while some advertisers complain of increased costs.
Google last Tuesday changed the way advertisers using its AdWords program bid on keywords, creating a minimum bid for each one based on a quality score it determines for the keyword. Google's policy statement says the change allows advertisers to resurrect keywords that previously had been disabled because of low click-through performance. "

posted at 11:42 AM on Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Google desktop tool offers customization | CNET
"Google has rolled out a beta version of its desktop software, adding such features as 'Sidebar,' which offers a personalized panel of information such as e-mail, stock quotes and news.
The software, unveiled on Monday, also includes a scratch pad style tool for taking notes and tools for searching one's desktop and Microsoft Outlook inbox. Called Desktop 2, the software can be downloaded for free from Google's Web site."

posted at 11:41 AM

Balancing the Link Equation Stuntdubl Internet Marketing Consulting: "Build your site up using 'long-tail' phrases from the onset for optimal growth. If your term is 'ice sculpting' then go after 'wedding ice sculpting' and 'ice carving sculptures' to start with. The more of the long-tail phrases you hit your rankings goals for, the more likely you will hit that big term that you're lusting after."

posted at 10:48 AM on Friday, August 19, 2005

Yahoo! Creating Adwords Clone, with Knobs On |
"Details are emerging about Yahoo's revamp of their paid listings program over at the SEW forums. Shor, who was part of a Yahoo! focus group said 'Essentially it was a Google Adwords clone with added functionality. So think Adgroups, multiple creatives, quality scoring - i.e ranks based on max CPC and CTR, much less dependence on the Y!SMS editorial team - in a nutshell, Google reskinned.' about the new system due to go live next year. "

posted at 3:10 PM on Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yahoo pays $1B for stake in China's net auctioneer Alibaba - Aug. 11, 2005:

"Yahoo! Inc. will pay $1 billion in cash for 40 percent of China Internet auctioneer, taking on eBay and Web search firm as it extends its reach in the world's second-largest Internet market. "

posted at 10:23 AM

Compare SEO & PPC Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Tools: :
"Compare SEO & PPC Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Tools: Keyword Intelligence vs WordTracker vs Keyword Discovery vs Oveture Search Term Suggestion vs Google Keyword Sandbox vs Google Suggest, etc "

posted at 12:56 PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Google Suggest
Tool from google that suggests how many results there are for your query as you type

posted at 12:55 PM

Yahoo, Miva settle pay-per-click patent suit | CNET
"Online marketer Miva has agreed to pay Yahoo $8 million and ongoing royalties to settle a patent infringement lawsuit over pay-per-click technology used in search result ads.
Neither Yahoo nor Miva, acquired by in 2003, disclosed terms of the royalty payments that are part of the settlement, announced Monday in Miva's quarterly financial report. The agreement ends a three-year legal battle between the two companies. "

posted at 11:49 AM

Google may be liable for trademark infringement | CNET
"Paid third-party ads on Google that use the trademark of car insurance company Geico in the text of ads could infringe trademark law and Google may be liable for such ads, according to a recent court opinion.
Although Geico senior counsel Jonathan Shafner said Tuesday that the court opinion signaled that the judge wants the two sides to reach a settlement, he said he could not comment on any settlement discussions. "

posted at 11:42 AM

Yahoo! Gains On Google In Customer Satisfaction -
"NEW YORK - Google. Yahoo! Who can tell the difference anymore?

Two of the most important gatekeepers to the Internet, Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) and Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO - news - people ), are crossing over into each other's business with increasingly regularity. They're closer than they have ever been in terms of services. And now Yahoo! has closed the gap with Google in customer satisfaction. "

posted at 9:01 AM

Ask Jeeves debuts new sponsored ad system | CNET
"Ask Jeeves has a new bidding program for sponsored advertising on its Web properties, the company announced on Monday.
The 'Sponsored Listings' program is designed to let advertisers buy, manage and optimize ad space on and its syndication network, the company said. Advertisers can bid for ad space in an open auction system."

posted at 3:20 PM on Tuesday, August 16, 2005

News Corp. in talks to buy Blinkx, report says | CNET
"News Corp. is eyeing an acquisition of closely held Web search provider Blinkx, according to a media report on Monday, citing people close to the media conglomerate controlled by Rupert Murdoch.
Murdoch last week confirmed during an earnings conference call with analysts that the company was in advanced talks to buy a controlling interest in a Web search engine, which he would not name, and that it had budgeted up to $2 billion for investments and strategic acquisitions. "

posted at 1:23 PM

Google Sandbox Exists - So Says Google |
"After what, 2yrs? of speculation, the Google Sandbox, the algorithm that puts some (not all) new sites in a kind of probationary period, has now been confirmed by Google. Rand Fishkin recounts conversations at the recent SES"

posted at 9:41 AM

Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings
New programme released to the general public

posted at 8:21 AM

Academia's quest for the ultimate search tool | CNET
"The University of California at Berkeley is creating an interdisciplinary center for advanced search technologies and is in talks with search giants including Google to join the project, CNET has learned.
The project is one of many efforts at U.S. universities designed to address the explosive growth of Internet search and the complex issues that have arisen in the field."

posted at 11:39 AM on Monday, August 15, 2005

GoogleNet Meme May Hold Water |
"A speculative post about Google's plans for it's dark fiber network is picking up speed and, reading it, seems quite plausible. Will Google become the Uber-ISP?"

posted at 10:23 AM

News Corp. in talks to buy search engine | CNET
"News Corp. is in talks to buy a stake in an unnamed search engine as part of its plan to create a major portal and expand on the Internet, Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said this week.
'We are in advanced negotiations to buy a controlling interest in what we think is a wonderful search engine' but that has an 'insignificant price,' Murdoch said during an earnings conference call with analysts on Wednesday. "

posted at 9:25 PM on Sunday, August 14, 2005

Microsoft says PC 'recycle bin' yielded Google clue | CNET
"According to papers filed with a Washington state court by the software giant, a document that describes terms of an apparent agreement between Google and Lee was 'recovered from the 'Recycle Bin' of one of Dr. Lee's computers.'
The document indicates Google foresaw possible litigation in hiring Lee to head its China operations. It could bolster the software titan's claim that by taking his new job, Lee would be breaking a contract signed with Microsoft, and that Google has been encouraging Lee to violate that contract. "

posted at 1:09 PM on Thursday, August 11, 2005

Netimperative - MIVA signs search deal with Express papers:
"MIVA claims to have triumphed over Yahoo!'s Search Marketing Solutions (formely Overture) and Infospace to win the contract to provide search functionality and keyword advertising across the Daily Express , Daily Star, OK Magazine, Happy Magazine and Daily Snack."

posted at 4:43 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Qualitaire. Pretty sharp guy pointing out Google's shortcomings...

posted at 4:39 PM

MIVA signs search and content deal with Express Newspapers:
"London, UK, 3rd August 2005. MIVA, Inc., (NASDAQ: MIVA) the leading independent Performance Marketing Network, today announced the signing of an exclusive search and content deal with Express Newspapers. Under the terms of the deal, MIVA now becomes the default search partner to Express Newspapers. "

posted at 4:12 PM

Barry Diller helps Ask Jeeves get in shape | CNET
"SAN JOSE, Calif.--Now that it's part of media mogul Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp, the Ask Jeeves butler is shaping up, cutting back on sponsored results that bloated its site and increasing more relevant links, according to the search engine's CEO. "

posted at 11:52 AM

Yahoo! Next:
"What is Yahoo! Next?
It's a showcase of some of Yahoo!'s newest and coolest projects - the cutting edge of what Yahoo!'s doing today and working on for tomorrow"

posted at 12:42 PM on Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Online advertising to skyrocket, study says | CNET
The next five years will witness steady growth in online advertising, with sales more than doubling from their 2004 levels, according to a new study from Jupiter Research.

Sales will reach $18.9 billion by 2010, the company said Monday, up from $9.3 billion at the end of 2004.

Leading the surge will be search engine marketing, which is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 12 percent, the research company said.

posted at 11:56 AM

Yahoo ushers in new ad tracking system | CNET
"Yahoo on Monday launched a new technique for tracking advertisement impressions.
The system will count and report ad impressions only after the ad's graphic loads in the viewer's browser. Ads within blocked pop-ups, for instance, would not receive credit. Most Internet publishers currently measure their ad impressions at the other end--when they leave the server.
The new process will 'measure even more accurately if an advertisement has been viewed by a consumer,' Todd Teresi, Yahoo's vice president of operations, said in a statement.
The system hinges on new standards for tracking ad impressions, released last November by an Interactive Advertising Bureau task force, which Yahoo chaired.
The guidelines marked the first time any advertising medium had developed a standard tied to the point at which the ad reaches the consumer. Other mediums, such as magazines and television, measure ad impressions through the content or programming that houses the embedded ad.
According to a company press release, Yahoo is one of the first organizations to put the standards into practice. Now available in the United States, Yahoo's measurement system will make its way across its global network by early next year.

Previous Next, Univision and CNET Networks, publisher of, are also in 'full compliance' with the new measurement guidelines, an IAB press release said. A dozen other companies, including Walt Disney Internet Group, The New York Times Co., Microsoft's MSN and AOL Media Networks, expect to complete the auditing and certification process by the end of 2005 or early 2006.
Separately on Monday, Yahoo Search Marketing announced a partnership with Web analytics providers Core"

posted at 11:54 AM

Search Engines
a search blog on MSN Spaces

posted at 11:49 AM

MSN Filter:
"MSN Filter is your one-stop shop for the inside scoop on what's happening across the Web, according to the people who know the most ... YOU! Whether it's music, sports, TV, style or technology, our team of bloggers will filter the best stories, photographs, links and other interesting tidbits that you've sent in, as well as items that they've dug up.
This is an opportunity to share your insider knowledge with the Filter community and take a chunk out of your 15 minutes of Internet fame."

posted at 11:42 AM

MSN blogs sift through popular culture | CNET
"Microsoft has quietly launched MSN Filter, expanding its presence in the growing sea of blogs that have washed onto the Internet.
MSN Filter, which launched last week, features blogs that cover five categories: music, sports, TV, technology and lifestyle. "

posted at 11:41 AM

Wired News: Bridging the Google Ad Gap:
"The average web surfer spends less than 5 percent of his time using a search engine, according to the Online Publishers Association's Internet Activity Index. That means Google earns almost $3 billion a year from people who devote 95 percent of their time on the internet to doing something else. "

posted at 3:05 PM on Monday, August 08, 2005

Netimperative - Property search engine launches:
"Property search engine OnOneMap has launched today, allowing users to view all properties for sale in a desired location within one map."

posted at 8:54 AM

Netimperative - Jeeves launches sponsored search listings:
"Ask Jeeves has launched a new paid-for search listings product that gives advertisers more control over their keyword ad campaigns on and its advertising syndication network.
The firm, recently bought by media giant InterActiveCorp, said that Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings will operate on an auction-style basis, with advertisers competing to get a top position in users search results."

posted at 8:10 AM

Netimperative - Yahoo! tests audio search engine:
"Yahoo has begun testing a new service in the US that allows users to search for songs and audio files offered by digital music services, such as like iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster."

posted at 8:09 AM

Yahoo unveils beta of blog ad network | CNET
"Yahoo on Wednesday debuted the beta version of an advertising network tailored for small and medium-size Web publishers.

As earlier reported, the service is designed to let publishers access Yahoo's ad products and content through a self-serve platform. The company said the beta offering will be available in the U.S. only through invitation.

With this move, Yahoo is entering a territory that has been dominated by rival Google, which provides text-only ads to small content sites, including blogs."

posted at 2:18 PM on Thursday, August 04, 2005

MSN Sandbox
MSN's playground...

posted at 12:41 PM on Wednesday, August 03, 2005
slick interface for MSN using AJAX - allows manipulation of RSS feeds, etc. similar to My Yahoo, etc.

posted at 12:36 PM

Searching for Balance
Most relevant search result (determined by % of Search Engine Users

posted at 12:28 PM

Yahoo to launch blog ad network | CNET
"Yahoo is planning to launch on Wednesday an ad network for small Web publishers intended to strengthen its hand against rival Google, a source familiar with the plan told CNET
As previously reported, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company has been working for months on a self-serve advertising service tailored to bloggers and other small Web publishers, a move that homes in on Google's territory.
While Yahoo and Google already go head-to-head serving major search-advertising partners such as America Online, Google has largely enjoyed a monopoly delivering its signature text-only ads to smaller content sites, including blogs."

posted at 12:20 PM

Ask Jeeves changes ad price program | CNET
"Web search company Ask Jeeves, recently acquired by InterActiveCorp, on Monday said it would let advertisers bid for ad placement, a system similar to ones used by Google and Yahoo. "

posted at 11:45 AM on Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Google tries to patent Web syndication ads | CNET
"Google is claiming that it has invented a unique way to distribute online advertising via syndicated news feeds--and it wants a patent for the technology.

If granted, the patent would presumably give Google the exclusive rights for 'incorporating targeted ads into information in a syndicated, e.g., RSS, presentation format in an automated manner,' according to its patent application titled, 'Embedding advertisements in syndicated content.' "

posted at 7:54 AM on Monday, August 01, 2005

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