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The State of Search Engine Marketing - 2004:
"Research published by SEMPO
The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization recently completed its first comprehensive survey of the search engine marketing industry. This survey established important benchmark information about the SEM industry, including:
The size and rate of grow of the industry
A breakdown of spending between pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and paid inclusion (PI)
A breakdown of in-house vs. outsourced SEM
Attitudes and concerns about industry issues including PPC bid inflation, click fraud, and ethical standards. "

posted at 8:36 AM on Thursday, December 30, 2004

State of the Search Marketing Industry 2004:
"Jupiter Research and SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) have released results of separate surveys providing one of the most detailed looks yet at current practices and advertiser spending in the search marketing industry.
Both reports attempted to quantify where search marketing budgets were being spent and who controlled that spending. Beyond that, each report looked at the SEM industry with a different focus. "

posted at 8:31 AM

Search Engines and JavaScript:
"Some JavaScript code is more search engine friendly than others. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the script is, the more likely a search engine spider can crawl the link."

posted at 8:26 AM

Report: Agencies Control Most Search Money:
"The tables have turned in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with agencies now controlling a majority of SEM spending in the United States, but there's not yet a standard fee structure in the industry.
According to JupiterResearch's Search Engine Marketing Agency Constellation report, the shift toward agencies playing a substantial role reflects a growing maturity of the SEM market. Before this shift, most of the money went directly to search engines from marketers. Today, agencies account for 51 percent of the total spending on paid search -- a significant increase over the past 18 months, said JupiterResearch analyst Nate Elliott. "

posted at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Generic Search Terms Drive Most Buying:
"Challenging the notion that online retailers and marketers should employ trademark-specific keywords, a new study by comScore and Overture finds the majority of consumers make purchases after searching only on general terms. "

posted at 11:57 AM

Yahoo tests video search engine | CNET
"Yahoo has unveiled a video search engine to the serve the growing appetite for multimedia entertainment online. "

posted at 5:37 AM on Sunday, December 19, 2004

Year in review: Searching for a winner | CNET
search review for 2004

posted at 5:33 AM

Google adds major libraries to its database | CNET
"Google will expand its ability for searching books by working with Stanford and Harvard universities, among others, to digitize out-of-print and copyrighted works. "

posted at 1:23 AM on Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yahoo buys start-up to boost mobile | CNET
"Yahoo on Tuesday confirmed it acquired a start-up last month called Wuf Networks that produces technology to let people transfer digital files onto mobile devices.
Yahoo's interest was in Wuf's technology and its employees--the company does not have products on the market--according to Yahoo spokeswoman Joanna Stevens.
'We will utilize their technology and resources to extend Yahoo services beyond the desktop,' Stevens said. She declined to comment on the acquisition price."

posted at 9:20 AM on Friday, December 10, 2004

Clinton blows horn for search start-up | CNET
"On Monday night in New York, the former U.S. president became the first outsider to type a few keywords into a new business-focused search engine, called Accoona. While Clinton has no affiliation in the software company behind the engine, he was hired to give a speech at its launch event in the Big Apple."

posted at 1:44 PM on Tuesday, December 07, 2004

GoogleGuy On Google Link Counts:
"Many experienced with search engine optimization know that Google's backlink feature, the link: command, has long not returned all the links Google actually knows about for a particular page. Nevertheless, the issue continues to come up again and again, as new people stumble onto the problem."

posted at 12:25 PM on Friday, December 03, 2004

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
some blog entries comparing Google, Yahoo and MSN.

posted at 9:52 AM

Lost Boy: Google Scholar:
"You can also make the bots life easier by providing it with a 'sitemap' so it can quickly harvest all the content. So this is my first tip to site owners: publish an index of your site specifically for the Googlebot (and other crawlers) and you'll be indexed much quicker. If you contact Google you should be able to get the index added to the crawl, useful if you don't care to publish the sitemap to end users." - this is a case where loaking is being approved by Google with its Scholar programme

posted at 9:38 AM

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