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Google Personalised
Google's new beta. profile is saved on your computer, so doesn't port with you when you use a different machine.

posted at 6:18 PM on Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Google develops personalised search
The Mountain View, CA, search giant changed its home page to add a link to Froogle, its product-comparison site. The search results page has been changed, with Google's paid listings now separated from its algorithmic results by a thin blue line. Previously, paid search results were contained in colored boxes.

Google also unveiled the test of a personalized search engine that tailors results based on a profile users build. For example, a searcher self-identified as a soccer fan will receive different results than a hockey fan when both search for "world's best goalies."

The service, called Google Personalized, is available in the Google Labs section. It gives users 13 categories and 200 subcategories to identify interests. For example, the sports category breaks down into 19 sports.

On the results pages, searchers can choose the degree of personalization they want based on a slider, which dynamically changes their results as it is moved. Personalized search results that are moved up based on a searcher's interests are identified with a colored-balls logo.

posted at 6:13 PM

Google Local Search
Google's US based Beta version - a search engine for local businesses and services.

posted at 9:53 AM on Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Search engines to personalise results:
"NEW YORK -- Search engines will add results tailored more to individual tastes, executives from major search companies predicted at the Search Engine Strategies conference here yesterday.
The battle for Internet users has made search engines move more to differentiate themselves by offering users a more intuitive search experience that closely matches their needs, search executives said. "

posted at 12:49 PM on Sunday, March 14, 2004

Red Herring Blog: Yahoo heads down the rabbit hole:
An interesting article pointing out, quite rightly, that: "The program is tiered so that companies with fewer than 1,000 registered URLs (that is, less than $10,000 in guaranteed fees) will enjoy a lower level of support. "

posted at 10:22 PM on Friday, March 12, 2004

A Marketers Guide to Search Engine Marketing and Staying Alive in 2004
To succeed with natural search engine marketing, marketers need to focus on creating and maintaining content rich websites that people will link to naturally. Building and continually enriching a quality site should be your biggest focus. Paid placement should only be on your to-do list if your site is good at converting visitors and you’re a good copywriter who can deliver good click through rates for your ads. Remember, you need to know the keywords that you are buying are going to produce tangible results. If you're just guessing, you're going to waste money and have plenty of questions later.

posted at 4:25 PM on Thursday, March 11, 2004

CNET video: Yahoo
Yahoo founder and CEO video about Yahoo and its history and direction moving forward.

posted at 10:10 AM on Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ask Jeeves denounces paid inclusion | CNET
more on ask jeeves' decision to cut their trusted feeds programme.

posted at 10:02 AM

Overture to introduce local search ad programme:
"NEW YORK -- Overture Services plans to release a local search advertising program in the next few months that lets advertisers set a geographic radius for the display of their search listings and participate without operating a Web site.
Geoff Stevens, general manager of local search at Overture, said at the Search Engine Strategies conference here March 4 that the system would match local advertisers to nearby customers. Overture advertisers would target their listings either by a mile radius or ZIP codes in their area. Overture's search partners would determine a searcher's location by asking for it or through registration data. "

posted at 2:42 PM on Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Search Engines to Personalise results:
"Search engines see personalized results as a way to increase user loyalty, as industry data show most consumers use more than one search engine. The stakes are high: Yahoo executives estimate that each percentage point of search market share is worth $200 million in marketing fees from the paid listings clicks it generates. "

Search engines see personalized results as a way to increase user loyalty, as industry data show most consumers use more than one search engine. The stakes are high: Yahoo executives estimate that each percentage point of search market share is worth $200 million in marketing fees from the paid listings clicks it generates.

posted at 9:36 AM

Ask Jeeves buys Interactive Search Holdings:
"Ask Jeeves agreed to buy search company Interactive Search Holdings yesterday in a $343 million cash-and-stock deal that it said would double its share of the search market."

posted at 9:21 AM

Yahoo Announces Content Acquisition Program: "Just two weeks after launching a brand new search engine, Yahoo has announced a content acquisition program that consolidates all of its paid inclusion programs and marks the beginning of an aggressive new campaign to significantly expand both the scope and quality of content available via Yahoo search. "

posted at 9:31 AM on Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Register - google vs yahoo: "Describing the enhanced features, Google co-founder Sergey Brin explained,

'It helps, for example, if you're searching for a person like your next-door neighbor, you may get no result,' said Brin this week. 'Now you'll get one.'

We've always found knocking on your next-door neighbor's door with a bowl of sugar is a terrific way to make friends. However, for the sad, the lonely and for potential stalkers everywhere, this could be a boon. "

posted at 3:30 PM on Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Espotting News: "Espotting has won a deal to provide search and channel content on internet terminals throughout McDonald's chain of UK restaurants."

posted at 2:59 PM

New Overture SiteMatch Program Details
Webmaster World discussion forum re:Overture / Yahoo's new site structure.

posted at 11:02 AM

Viewpoint to Roll Out Graphical Yahoo Search Toolbar:
"Viewpoint's toolbar, branded as 'powered by Yahoo Search,' has more features to set it apart from other toolbars. It has a preview pane that pops up a snapshot of the Web site. Users also can 'dog-ear' a result to return to later. And the toolbar comes with a visual bookmarks section that stores thumbnail graphical representations of Web sites. "

posted at 9:42 AM

Quigo - Contextual ad serving, Search Engine Marketing and Deep or Invisible Web extraction and analysis
Search Marketing start up scored $5M Venture funding. Quigo is a contextual marketing supplier with products to help suggest titles and metas and also for displaying paid listings on webpages

posted at 9:38 AM | News | Article: "Overture will offer programs for large and small advertisers. Large advertisers submitting more than 1,000 URLs for inclusion pay a fixed cost-per-click fee up to $1; smaller advertisers pay a CPC fee in addition to an annual fee. For most categories, Overture said, the CPC is 15 cents, with some popular categories as high as 30 cents. "

"Smaller advertisers will need to pay more to be part of the Site Match program. Beyond the CPC fee, which Overture bases on bidding data from its paid search program, small advertisers will pay $49 for the first URL, $29 for the next nine and $10 for those up to 1,000. "

posted at 9:33 AM

Overture - Site Match
a huge change in the way that Yahoo is going to do business. The yahoo search results are now going to include Overture "site match", which is basically a trusted feed PPC style product that you get indexed in the same way as the old direct submit for Inktomi.

posted at 9:20 AM

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