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Google Sees IPO Pricing Above $100:
"Google's initial public offering looked stranger still after the Internet search engine revealed Monday that it expects shares to come to market at well over $100 apiece.
The search engine company revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it expects to offer 24.6 million shares between $108 and $135 a share. About 14 million shares will represent new equity being sold by the company, while the remainder will be shares currently held by company insiders.
The offering is valued at between $2.66 billion and $3.32 billion, indicating strong demand for the stock. The company in its initial filings pegged the value of the deal at $2.7 billion."

posted at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Google tool plucks from rivals | CNET
"Google has quietly added a feature to its free e-mail service that lets people import their address book contacts from rivals Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online.
Since the weekend, Google's free e-mail service, called Gmail, has been letting its users transfer their address book contacts from Yahoo Mail, Microsoft's Hotmail and AOL Mail. Yahoo allows immediate exporting of its contact lists onto other clients such as Gmail, but for Hotmail and AOL in particular, people have to build their special files through a spreadsheet, which means the process would normally involve more steps. "

posted at 7:49 AM on Monday, July 26, 2004

Supply shortage could drive up cost of clicks | CNET - not exactly visionary, but anyway....
"Online advertisers' demand for exposure in the results of Google, Yahoo and other search engines, may soon outpace the supply and drive up prices, according to a new study.
Market researcher Nielsen/NetRatings said in a report released Monday that the growth of Web search traffic will likely slow in the coming years, limiting the inventory available to marketers. Couple that with a continued rise in spending on paid search, and it could cause prices to increase."

posted at 7:40 AM

Google picks up photo management firm | CNET
Google has bought Picasa, with its hello product - further integration, and excellent desktop search (image based) on the Picasa tool.

posted at 2:50 PM on Thursday, July 15, 2004

Shhh! How Paid Search Really Affects Traffic
Paying for the number one ranking may not be the best strategy for many advertisers, reports Altas DMT.

A new report from Atlas DMT, "How Search Engine Rank Impacts Traffic," starts off by asking the provocative question: "What does being number one in search really mean to your business?"

full report available here

posted at 12:22 PM on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 | News | Article:
"Marketers with listings ranked at the top of search results pages receive much more traffic to their sites than those just a spot below, according to a new study.
The research, released by aQuantive's Atlas Institute yesterday, found that Internet traffic decreases as keyword rankings drop. Overall, a top ranking generates 10 times the traffic as a spot at No. 10, Atlas said. Traffic was found to drop 10 percent for each drop in rank.
'A lot of [marketers'] strategies are driven by their intuition, which tells them the No. 1 ranking is the best to be in,' said Young-Bean Song, director of analytics at the Atlas Institute. 'What they don't know specifically is what the tradeoffs really are.'
Atlas found that ranking affects Web traffic much differently on Google and Yahoo's Overture Services. Google calculates rank based on price and click-through rate while Overture ranks purely based on bid price. Atlas found that Google AdWords' top ranking is a rightfully coveted spot, with traffic dropping off an average of 40 percent to the No. 2 spot. With Overture Precision Match, by contrast, Atlas recorded a drop of 22 percent. "

posted at 2:43 PM on Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Yahoo acquires Oddpost to bolster e-mail | CNET
"Online portal Yahoo has agreed to buy, a vendor of online e-mail and news services, for an undisclosed sum.
The two companies confirmed Yahoo's plan to purchase Oddpost on Monday, but disclosed few details about the buyout. According to a source familiar with the acquisition, Yahoo paid close to $30 million for the company. Oddpost's 10 employees, based in San Francisco, will now report to Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters.

Oddpost also allows people to aggregate news feeds, share photos and compose e-mail without constantly refreshing a page as Yahoo and other free e-mail services currently require. It does this with a combination of dynamic HTML, javascript and XML."

posted at 1:09 PM

Google founders trump Gates in U.K. media elite | CNET
"Larry Page and Sergie Brin have joined the MediaGuardian's 100, while Steve Jobs has slipped and Bill Gates has plunged off. "

posted at 12:58 PM

"blinkx changes the way you find and access all kinds of information, from anywhere in the world, without having to search endlessly. blinkx rapidly links you with the information you need from the web, from online news sources and files on your own PC. - Search information from your desktop - Link don't search - Ideas not keywords.

Whenever you browse a website, read a news story, check your e-mail or write a document, blinkx automatically delivers suggestions from the Web, news or your local files; which you can view by simply clicking the links or rolling over to get a summary of the information found."

posted at 7:33 AM on Monday, July 12, 2004

Moogul wants you to share your shovel | CNET
"Mix up eBay, Kazaa and your local public library, shake them hard together, and you'll get serial entrepreneur Joel Maske's latest venture, aimed at jump-starting an online rental market. "

posted at 5:06 PM on Sunday, July 11, 2004

Paid search feels growing pains | CNET
"During a conference call Wednesday with analysts, Yahoo executives admitted that its paid search query volume and pricing were flat last quarter, causing a scare on Wall Street. Shares of Yahoo stock plummeted 12 percent in after-hours trading, but recovered a bit the following day.
Paid search is still growing, but not as quickly as the previous quarter. Overture revenue grew 39 percent from last year, but that's less than the 45 percent growth it saw during the first quarter, according to Mahaney's note. "

posted at 4:59 PM

Microsoft staffer charged with stealing search code | CNET
"A Microsoft employee working on the world's largest software maker's search initiative was arrested last week on charges that he stole source code from the AltaVista search engine two years ago"

posted at 4:52 PM

Microsoft works on Office search | CNET
"Microsoft is working to include newer search technology in its Office family of applications, group vice president Jeff Raikes said this week.
Microsoft, which is developing is own search technology to challenge No. 1 Web search provider Google, is also working on ways to allow users to easily find information stored on hard drives, such as documents, e-mails and data files. "

posted at 4:49 PM

Google recruits eggheads with mystery billboard | CNET "In a kind of geek jeopardy, the billboard read:'{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits e}.com.' The answer,, would lead a puzzle-sleuth to a Web page with yet another equation to solve, with still no sign the game was hosted by Google."

posted at 4:31 PM

MSN Search -- Beta Technology Preview
A link to the preview of MSN search - different from the other link we have...

posted at 10:20 AM on Friday, July 09, 2004

Tiger, Longhorn search for desktop answers | CNET
"Microsoft and Apple Computer are searching for the same thing with their next operating systems: a better way to find stuff on an increasingly cluttered hard drive.
The software makers have made scouring for information a top priority. In large part, that's because hard drives have continued to grow, stretching the limits of old ways of accessing information, such as looking through folders. "

posted at 12:23 PM on Friday, July 02, 2004

MSN launches revamped search engine | CNET
"The revamped MSN Search remains a front end for technology provided by Yahoo, offering mainly a face-lift aimed to make it look more like Google. The relatively minor changes signal that--after a year in development and a $100 million investment--Microsoft's ballyhooed search push still has a long way to go. "

posted at 2:32 PM on Thursday, July 01, 2004

MSN Search: "A Personalized Experience. Your Search service should learn from you. What you like, what you read, where you live. Search should deliver results that are more personal and relevant to you. " - They are not asking for you to fill in personal details, so they must be using cookies to detect what you (or your computer) has searched for in the past?

posted at 1:36 PM

SearchEngineWatch Forums - Alt Attributes Appearing as Anchor Text in Text-only Cache:
"So, it looks like Google's been indexing ALT text as anchor text for over a year, and the text-only cache makes this much easier to now spot." - Google indexes and uses image alt text when it is an anchor, but not when it is just an image.

posted at 7:47 AM

Google Cracks Down: "According to threads taking place in several popular search engine marketing forums, it seems that Google has adjusted their algorithms to catch a batch of sites using a JavaScript technique known as 'onmouseover.'
The idea behind this technique is to create a keyword stuffed Web page that will rank well, but that doesn't really contain readable content. A JavaScript command is placed within the body tag of the Web page and works to redirect the user to another Web site the second their mouse rolls over any portion of the page. The redirect happened so quickly that few Internet users would notice the change. "

posted at 7:32 AM

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