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Digital Envoy wins geotargeting patent | CNET
"The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Digital Envoy a patent for its IP Intelligence technology, the company said Tuesday. The technology pinpoints the physical location of Web surfers down to the city level, based on their Internet Protocol address. Rob Friedman, executive vice president at Digital Envoy, said the software company plans to 'vigorously enforce the patent,' No. 6,757,740, which carries retroactive rights to 1999 when it was filed."

posted at 12:17 PM on Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ask Jeeves plans to end its Site Submit program for
Web sites, saying its Teoma Web search technology is now
powerful enough to ferret out the Web's nooks and crannies. It
also will follow the lead of Google and Yahoo and boost the
storage limit for its portals' e-mail users. The search engine
said it informed its two Site Submit resellers,
and Position Technologies, that it no longer would let Web
sites pay to have their Internet addresses included in the
index of sites Teoma crawls. It will stop accepting
submissions Sept. 30. The program was meant to help sites
guarantee they would be found by Teoma's spider. "We will
continue to get better at crawling," said Jim Lanzone, vice
president of product management at Ask Jeeves. "The value
proposition of Site Submit has ceased to exist." (DM

posted at 8:42 AM

Microsoft prepares for search assault | CNET
"SYDNEY--Microsoft plans to kick off a series of improvements to its search capabilities starting in July as it looks to compete with heavyweights Google and Yahoo, Bill Gates said Monday.
Microsoft's chairman told a media briefing here that the company had 'several milestones with its search site' on the way.
'In July, the format of the site will change--and so will the quality of what you get--and the way it'll look is dramatically improved,' Gates said. 'It'll be later this year that we actually roll out what's entirely our own back-end driving the search'. "

posted at 1:55 PM on Monday, June 28, 2004

Search engines rethink paid inclusion | CNET
"Search engines are rethinking a controversial practice of allowing marketers to buy their way into free Web search listings, or programs known as paid inclusion.
Ask Jeeves, one of the largest Web search properties, said Wednesday it will phase out its paid-inclusion program altogether in the coming months after having trimmed it in February. The newly terminated service, called Site Submit, allows marketers to pay an annual fee of $30 to submit a Web address into its search engine.
Industry leader Yahoo is also considering nixing certain fees for commercial Web sites that seek to ensure exposure in the site's free search results, according to several sources close to the company. Yahoo launched a service in early March that offers marketers swifter inclusion in its search index with both an annual flat fee for site review and a 'per click' rate each time a visitor clicks on their listing in results."

posted at 11:58 AM on Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yahoo searches for China | CNET
"Yahoo unveiled on Monday a Web site dedicated to Internet searches for China, less than a week after archrival Google made its maiden investment in the country's biggest search engine. "

posted at 11:52 AM on Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ask Jeeves rolls out new search shortcuts and a site-preview tool today as it aims to offer itself as a credible search alternative to Yahoo and Google.
The Emeryville, CA, search engine added nearly a dozen shortcuts, designed to give searchers answers instead of Web pages with its Smart Search tools. One shortcut provides a real-time update on the terror alert level from the Department of Homeland Security in response to a search for 'terror alert level.' Another links directly to the Federal Trade Commission's national no-call registry when a user queries 'do not call.' In all, Ask Jeeves offers more than 150 Smart Searches for everything from weather to movies to wedding registries.
'We're innovating and taking search beyond the 10 blue link experience,' said Daniel Read, director of product at Ask Jeeves.
Smart Searches are a way for Ask Jeeves to combine structured data with unstructured Web data. Some Smart Searches, such as the terror alert, are done editorially while many are implemented through content partnerships. Ask Jeeves turns to for movie reviews, for example, and and for local gas price information. Ask Jeeves expects to launch another 50 Smart Searches in the coming months. " - DM News

posted at 8:39 AM

Oops, was that an IM or e-mail? | CNET
"SAN FRANCISCO--Communication formats from e-mail to instant messaging are beginning to converge, offering greater flexibility to end users as well as creating potential new headaches.

Vint Cerf, widely thought of as the father of the Internet, opined Thursday at the E-mail Technology Conference here that all messaging mediums--including SMS (Short Message System), e-mail, instant chat and voice mail--are equally important and require interoperability where it makes sense."

posted at 12:58 PM on Sunday, June 20, 2004

Site-Flavored Google Search:
"What is Site-Flavored Google Search?

Site-Flavored Google Search uses a Google search box to deliver custom web search results, based on a profile filled out by a site's webmaster. The profile reflects the content of the website, and when the site-flavored search box is placed within the pages of that site, users are able to view search results that are 'flavored' to be more relevant to them." - a way of personalising search, but by the sites that are used instead of the user... sounds quite clever

posted at 5:36 PM on Saturday, June 19, 2004

Hotmail giving cold shoulder to Google mail? | CNET
"several people e-mailed [a blogger] about having had the same trouble inviting Hotmail users to Gmail. One person said that invitations to Orkut, Google's social networking site, were blocked by Hotmail.
Google acknowledged some similar occurrences with Hotmail but called them 'very limited.' MSN representatives said there were no known problems with Hotmail users receiving Gmail or Orkut invitations. 'MSN Hotmail treats mail from Gmail accounts in the same manner as all other incoming mail,' MSN product manager Brooke Richardson wrote in an e-mail."

posted at 2:13 PM

Google to publishers: Some butter for your bread | CNET
"Google's second new service, called Site-Flavored Google Search, is still an experiment at Google Labs, the company's research and development unit. It allows specialty publishers to customize Google search to reflect their own content. "

posted at 2:08 PM

Yahoo to launch 100MB free e-mail | CNET
"Yahoo began offering on Tuesday 100MB of storage to people who use its free e-mail service.
As part of an overall redesign of its mail service, Yahoo also upgraded Mail Plus paid users to 2GB of storage and lowered its subscription rate from $29.99 a year to $19.99. Other a la carte services, such as POP e-mail forwarding, are consolidated under this plan and will no longer be sold on a standalone basis. "

posted at 1:21 PM on Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ask Jeeves bolsters search technology:
"Ask Jeeves bolstered its search technology with yesterday's purchase of a small technology company that lets users search their computer files.
The Emeryville, CA, search engine acquired Tukaroo, a San Jose, CA, startup founded in March 2003. Tukaroo makes software that gives users desktop search capability covering the hard drive, local network and Internet. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
With the acquisition, Ask Jeeves joins other search companies in seeking ways onto users' computers. Microsoft is preparing an all-in-one search capability in the release of the new version of its Windows operating system in 2006. Google also is reportedly working on a desktop search capability called Puffin. In March, Terra Lycos released HotBot Desktop, which searches hard drives and the Web.
'Each of the portals is developing their own hooks into the operating system to blur the lines between where the Net stops and your computer starts,' said Kevin Lee, CEO of, a New York search marketing firm. " - from DM News

posted at 8:52 AM

Get Real: Who Will Index Your Desktop?
Article with detail about moves from the big guys which make it increasingly clear that they are going to be present on the desktop

posted at 1:31 PM on Sunday, June 13, 2004

Pluck RSS Reader: Retrieve news from favorite sites
looks like a very slick tool to allow internet explorer to act as an RSS reader

posted at 1:13 PM on Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Yahoo tests new home page | CNET
Yahoo looking at potential new homepage layouts - search stays prominent

posted at 1:12 PM

Google mulls RSS support | CNET
Google looking at going back to supporting RSS as well as Atom - this would help them to stay 'neutral'.

posted at 1:09 PM

Search Marketing Services by Outrider
Outrider launch UK website

posted at 8:13 AM

more gmail uproar - yawn. :
"California's politicians want to ensure that Google would only be allowed to scan messages in real time and would be prohibited from producing or maintaining any records of the subjects that subscribers are emailing one another about.

Google would also be banned from collecting any personal information about users of Gmail and from passing on or selling any such information to third parties.

Google says it is working with the legislature to reach a compromise whereby, while privacy concerns would be addressed, Google would still be able to fund the service through advertising."

posted at 12:41 PM on Monday, June 07, 2004

The Nigritude Ultramarine Search Engine Optimization Contest
a bit of SEO fun with a SEO competition...

posted at 4:44 PM on Friday, June 04, 2004

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