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Yahoo! News - Google Co-Founders to Sell Company Shares:
"SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin each plan to sell up to 7.2 million shares of their stock in the online search engine leader during the next 18 months - divestitures that would generate windfalls of more than $1 billion apiece at current market prices. "

posted at 2:20 PM on Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Striking up digital video search | CNET
"Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are quietly developing new search tools for digital video, foreshadowing a high-stakes technology arms race in the battle for control of consumers' living rooms. " - the next big area for search as broadband becomes more and more prevalent and users start to consume more rich-media.

posted at 3:35 PM on Monday, November 29, 2004

Google gets gruff over click fraud | CNET
"Google filed a lawsuit against an Internet operation that it claims systematically clicked on text ads to defraud its advertising network.
The case, filed Nov. 15 in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County in California, is among the first civil lawsuits to relate to click fraud. The lawsuit charges that Texas-based Auctions Expert International signed up to display Google's targeted text advertising on its Web site, and then fraudulently clicked on the ads to profit from its pay-per-click system."

posted at 3:15 PM on Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Narrowing the search | Perspectives | CNET
"Early Web search engines succeeded spectacularly at turning up interesting results.
With the growth of online content and the improvement in the ranking of search results, the situation is now flipped: Any query turns up an overabundance of results, both relevant and irrelevant.
Search engines struggle with the challenge of helping users deal with this information overload. Some search engines are placing their bets on personalization, which I contend is a dead end: Top talent will be expended on the problem with little to show for it in the end. "

posted at 2:26 PM on Monday, November 22, 2004

Microsoft extends Overture ad contract | CNET
"update Yahoo's Overture Services division has extended its deal to provide ad placement technology to Microsoft Web portal, the companies said Thursday.
The renewed pact will run through June 2006 and span all of Microsoft's MSN ad operations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. The two companies' previous contract was set to expire in June 2005. Financial terms of the new deal were not released. "

posted at 2:04 PM on Friday, November 19, 2004

Overture tests RSS ads | CNET
"Overture Services is experimenting with a new form of online advertisements that are paired with news feeds shuttled across the Web.
The Yahoo subsidiary is examining the viability of expanding its advertising network, which specializes in sponsored search results, into the hot area of Really Simple Syndication (RSS), according to a source familiar with the company. "

posted at 2:39 PM on Thursday, November 18, 2004

Google launches search for scholars | CNET
"Web search leader Google on Wednesday unveiled Google Scholar, a new search product aimed at helping users search scholarly literature such as technical reports, theses and abstracts.
Google Scholar searches a specific subset of Google's index and covers a wide swath of fields, from medicine and physics to economics and computer science. "

posted at 2:30 PM

Take control of your desktop chaos | CNET
"Upstart Blinkx has introduced version 2.0 of its software for searching the desktop. The cornerstone to the downloadable application is 'smart folders,' technology that probes the PC and Web for files related to a designated topic. Users can name a folder or describe a topic of interest with a few keywords, and the software will collect related e-mail, music, Web pages, PDFs or text documents based on an analysis of their content and concepts.
'You can also train it by adding one or two documents. It reads those and adds related information, be it e-mail, attachments, Word documents,' Blinkx CEO Mark Opzoomer said."

posted at 2:07 PM on Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Yahoo! News - Microsoft Launches Web Search Technology:
"Microsoft's search offering has many features likely to appeal to users who don't care about particular brands, according to Charlene Li of Forrester Research.
A feature called 'Search Near Me' guesses where users are located based on their Internet connections and seeks to provide results nearby. Another feature promises to answer plain-language questions such as 'What is the capital of Germany?' by culling through Encarta. "

posted at 9:59 AM

Google stars in Firefox's new browser | CNET
"Google and Mozilla may or may not be working together on a Web browser, but the two are cozier than ever in the latest Firefox release. "

posted at 9:36 AM on Monday, November 15, 2004

Linux seller gunning for search | CNET
"Michael Robertson, Linspire's CEO, says he believes OS searching will have a significant impact on the market.
'I'm confident that it won't be too long before going to will be as unnecessary and old-fashioned as going to Blockbuster for videos, since search will be accessible right from every program on your computer,' he said in a letter to Linspire users posted on his Web site."

posted at 9:30 AM

Google doubles search index | CNET
"Google has doubled the number of Web pages it indexes from 4 billion to about 8 billion, according to a posting on the company's Web site. "

posted at 9:29 AM

Is Google the new devil? | | CNET
"Looks like Microsoft may have been biding its time to get back at search giant Google. The software company on Thursday launched a beta version of its MSN search engine. If you search for the term 'more evil than satan' Google pops up as the top entry. "

posted at 9:26 AM

AOL looks to its parent to outwit Google | CNET
"'AOL has decided in the search space to focus on what we do best and partner with others that can do better in other areas,' said Gerry Campbell, vice president and general manager of search for AOL.
'Google powers our search and paid listings,' Campbell said. 'We're cutting our own path in the way that AOL users can find information on the Internet. We're putting the icing on top.'
The company also expects this week to unveil the 'AOL Search Toolbox,' which details how to use Snapshots and other new shortcuts for searching the Web, including finding local information, using a calculator and booking a hotel room."

posted at 9:24 AM

Commentary: MSN Search--just good enough | CNET
"After two years of development, Microsoft's MSN service debuted a new version of its search engine Thursday. It won't beat Google, but that's OK--it doesn't have to. "

posted at 9:21 AM

MSN Search Beta
MSN launch a further beta of their search technology

posted at 12:58 PM on Thursday, November 11, 2004

Still awaiting Microsoft's search entry | CNET
"MSN Search Beta has more bells and whistles than previous versions. It will let visitors personalize search results by setting their geographical location. After performing search, a Web surfer can hit the 'near me' button to see local results. The technology is also designed to automatically identify the physical location of Web pages it indexes and attempts to detect the locale of a visitor to better match their results.
The beta service also lets people use a 'dial' to reconfigure search results based on their date and popularity on the Web."

posted at 12:57 PM

Microsoft ready to launch search engine | CNET
"The world's largest software maker had promised to enter the search market with its own technology by the end of the year, as it seeks to attract more users to boost advertising revenue for its MSN Internet division.
Earlier this week, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer told shareholders at the company's annual meeting Microsoft would beat Google's technology and double its advertising revenue in the next five years. "

posted at 12:48 PM on Wednesday, November 10, 2004

How Paid SEM Helps Organic Search Optimization:
"Pay-per-click (PPC) search return on investment (ROI) is completely under your control, whether directly or through an outside provider. So pitching PPC search to your boss, investors, even the team that would manage the campaigns is fairly easy.
Often, the more difficult task is getting constituents excited about organic/natural SEO"

posted at 9:54 AM on Monday, November 08, 2004

Google's Desktop Search Could Change SEM Forever:
"The tool is surprisingly good. I installed it and instantly became fascinated with the marketing implications. Desktop search will eventually increase the volume of Web searches without requiring an increase in Internet users. This profoundly benefits search engine marketing (SEM)." - an interesting article on how desktop search will change the SEM landscape.

posted at 9:38 AM

(Almost) free 411 on cell phones | CNET
"San Francisco-based upstart UpSnap says, it will launch a 411 service for cell phones that costs a few pennies per inquiry (paid to one's wireless carrier) and will make it possible to call, for free, some of those businesses whose listings you've requested."

An interesting development - showing how mobile search could best work, with the potential for an Overture 'yellow pages'?

posted at 9:09 AM

SBC, BellSouth let their fingers do the walking | CNET
"SBC Communications and BellSouth will acquire with the goal of making the site a better nationwide online business index"

posted at 12:55 PM on Friday, November 05, 2004

Temporal Link Analysis
Interesting forum thread on link age, popularity, sustained links, etc and how they should effect rankings.

posted at 1:40 PM on Wednesday, November 03, 2004

MSN Search preview
A screenshot with a potential new look for MSN search - using scrollbars to determine how MSN sorts your results...

posted at 12:36 PM

Search Engine Marketing For Travel-Related Sites
A good article on Marketing Travel websites.

posted at 12:19 PM

Amazon's A9 toolbar now available for Firefox | CNET
" subsidiary on Monday released a version of its Internet toolbar for the Firefox Web browser."

posted at 2:02 PM on Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Linking is Queen
If content is king, then linking is the queen that shares his throne. - a good article on Link Building

posted at 11:17 AM on Monday, November 01, 2004

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