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Google brings maps, local search to U.K. | CNET
"Google UK has introduced local-search and mapping tools that were launched in the United States earlier this year.
Beta versions of the two services--Google Maps UK and Google Local UK--were revealed late Tuesday. The mapping service allows searchers to get directions, and the local-search service provides listings of businesses, such as restaurants, and indicates their positions on the map."

posted at 11:54 AM on Thursday, April 21, 2005

Google search gets personal | CNET
"Google on Wednesday will begin to offer people custom accounts to search over their personal query history, in a move to outdo rivals and endear Web surfers.
The search king will unveil My Search History, another of its experimental services that takes a page from long-standing 'My' programs from Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and others. However, unlike typical personal portal services, such as customized stocks and headlines, Google's feature will focus exclusively on archiving personal search histories for later recall."

posted at 11:48 AM

How Affiliate Programs Can Affect Search Rankings:
"You're probably familiar with the term 'PageRank,' made famous by Google. And you probably know search engines consider the quality and quantity of links that point to your Web site to calculate your site's ranking in search results. Still, a lot of confusion exists regarding how merchant sites should benefit from their affiliates' links.
The industry is currently debating two competing affiliate network strategies:"

posted at 6:28 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Local
Google's Local Beta for the UK. Impressive

posted at 5:06 PM

MSN's adCenter: More Control and Better Results:
"This week, Microsoft's MSN formally announced its upcoming pay-per-click (PPC) search platform. At last, marketers who use MSN's featured listing product, but who want more control, will get their wish. The new platform will provide all the control of Google AdWords, plus some very useful targeting options that will place MSN in the forefront of PPC search advertising."

posted at 1:58 PM

MSN AdCentre info:
"The first opportunity featured at MSN adCenter is the MSN Paid Search solution, which will offer innovative tools in search marketing. The new MSN search advertising solution will put the power and knowledge of the audience in your hands, allowing you to refine your online campaign with flexibility and control to help you maximize ROI. "

posted at 1:56 PM

How To Redirect Browser Requests in Internet Information Services 5.0
301 and 302 redirects for IIS

posted at 1:19 PM

Yahoo profit doubles | CNET
"Internet media company Yahoo on Tuesday reported that its first-quarter profit doubled on soaring revenue from Web advertising. "

posted at 11:38 AM

AGoToGuy's Weblog - Pay Per Click Advertising Fraud - The Inside Story:
"confirming some of the pay per click advertiser's biggest concerns and telling you the real story about the PPC business model from behind the scenes. "

posted at 8:03 PM on Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yahoo sheds Overture brand | CNET
"The portal giant on Monday shed its Overture Services brand and renamed the unit Yahoo Search Marketing. The replacement of the Overture brand will take place in the U.S. market initially, the company said. Other international markets will be re-branded later, but the Overture brand will be maintained in Japan and Korea."

posted at 11:46 AM

TiVo courts search giants | CNET
"TiVo is in talks with Internet search giants Google and Yahoo over a possible deal aimed at bridging television and the Web, CNET has learned.
The talks are still fluid and could result in a number of outcomes, two sources familiar with the negotiations said.
One scenario that's been discussed would see TiVo partner with Google or Yahoo on a new service that would let consumers search for videos on the Web and then watch them on their television sets, according to one person with knowledge of the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity."

posted at 3:42 PM on Monday, April 18, 2005

Netimperative - Jeeves gets more personal:
"Ask Jeeves has upgraded its personal search service, MyAskJeeves, with greater compatibility with Internet browsers and extra customization features."

posted at 8:56 AM

Week in review: Go-go Google | CNET
"Google ratcheted up the search wars this week by announcing video archiving, satellite maps for the masses, and even help in finding you a cab. "

posted at 8:15 AM on Monday, April 11, 2005

MSN to mix advertisers with blogs | CNET
"Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled new versions of its instant messaging and blogging services with beefed up community, video, search and advertising features. "

posted at 1:42 PM on Thursday, April 07, 2005

The future of blogging | CNET
"Will bloggers upend the mainstream media? What legal protections should bloggers have? Is there a blogger business model? While no definitive answers exist just yet, experts at Wharton advise questioners to be patient. Blogging, they note, will be around for a long time. "

posted at 12:10 PM on Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Maps - 9490 East Shangri La Road,scottsdale
Google maps let you look at sattelite images of addresses in the US.

posted at 12:05 PM

Google queues up video | CNET
"SAN FRANCISCO--Google will begin archiving personal video clips as part of its ever-expanding search service, company co-founder Larry Page said Monday.

We're going to start taking video submissions from people' in the next few days, Page told a crowd at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association show here. Later, in response to a reporter's question, he called the move an 'experiment in video blogging.' "

posted at 11:43 AM on Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Google plans to double Gmail capacity | CNET
"The Mountain View, Calif.-based Web giant on Friday plans to double the free storage on Gmail from 1GB to 2GB, said Georges Harik, Gmail product management director. After that, Google will add a yet-to-be-determined amount of extra storage daily, with no plans to stop."

posted at 1:07 PM on Friday, April 01, 2005

Google Blog:
"Now Google's faster than ever on Firefox and Mozilla browsers. When you do a search on these browsers, we instruct them to download your top search result in advance, so if you click on it, you'll get to that page even more quickly. " - sounds like it will have big privicy / spyware issues?

posted at 1:03 PM

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