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SEM News - Search Engine Marketing News | News | Article:
"California state Sen. Liz Figueroa, an outspoken critic of Google's new Gmail e-mail system, introduced a bill last week that would ban Google from scanning e-mails to serve text advertiser listings.
Figueroa amended a bill she introduced in February to protect consumers' Social Security numbers. The amended bill would require an e-mail service to get permission from the receiver and sender before scanning messages. The bill exempts scanning for viruses and spam. "

posted at 3:35 PM on Thursday, April 29, 2004

Mercury News | 04/14/2004 | `The Google of e-mail':
Growing attention to searching through, instead of filing, email

posted at 10:58 AM on Tuesday, April 27, 2004

HotBot's New Desktop Search Toolbar:
"HotBot's new Desktop Search utility not only searches the web, it indexes files and email on your computer, making them searchable as well. "

I'm guessing this will have some privicy issues, but the search of email sounds similar to the online GMail version...

posted at 10:50 AM > Company > What's New & Cool
Features of A9 - Amazon's new web search technology. Registration to keep your profile, then you can log in on any machine - you can also make a diary note about pages (blogger syle, I presume, but not public - only when you log in)

Seems like profile building and at some stage P2P search is going to be on the cards?

posted at 4:38 PM on Thursday, April 22, 2004

Google Drops Restrictions on AdWords; Amazon's A9 Launches:
"Google plans to stop limiting sales of trademarks in its popular keyword advertising program, a high-stakes gamble that could boost revenue but also create new legal problems for the company. "

Also an article about the new amazon web search site, A9

posted at 4:29 PM

NetIQ Quietly Changes SEM -- Forever:
"Two weeks ago, NetIQ acquired FirstPlace Software and its search engine marketing (SEM) product, WebPosition Gold. To my amazement, hardly anyone noticed.

It happened so quietly, but something huge just happened. A new market was just created and NetIQ just cornered it -- the search engine marketing and advertising analytics market." - maybe a slight exaggeration, but a very real point.

posted at 4:23 PM

Trademark Bidding on Google:
"Google's opening up trademarked keywords for bidding is one more piece of power shifted away from corporations and toward consumers. I imagine corporations will waste little time heading to court to protect their property. In the long run, I doubt the corporations will come out on top."

posted at 8:52 AM

Nutch: about
An open source search engine project that doesn't seem to be open for business yet, but may be an interesting one for the future.

posted at 1:07 PM on Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Why Is Search So Hot?:
"What a concept. Advertising that's simple, easy to use, easy to track, accountable, and can potentially reach 100 million people a month.
That's why search is hot."

posted at 7:49 PM on Monday, April 19, 2004

What to do with Yahoo!
Suggestions as to how to get your site included with the new yahoo programmes

posted at 7:47 PM

Answers from Yahoo!
"yahoo mike" answers some questions about the Yahoo Programme.

posted at 2:30 PM

Been Banned by Yahoo!?
A look at Yahoo's new spam policies

posted at 2:21 PM | MSN Search Moves:
"The Redmond, WA, tech giant's MSN portal plans to revamp its search results page to better demarcate which listings are from advertisers. The changes, to take effect July 1, will keep paid listings from Yahoo's Overture Services along the right side, while rechristening its 'featured sites' as 'sponsored sites.' Those three listings are to be sold to advertisers by MSN but might include Overture listings for some searches. "

posted at 11:44 AM on Saturday, April 17, 2004 | IP problems for Gmail?:
"A British investment research company laid claim to the Gmail trademark, asserting it has operated a Web-based e-mail service called GmailTM since mid-2002, creating a possible problem for Google, which announced an e-mail service named Gmail April 1. "

posted at 11:38 AM | Yahoo! financials:
"Yahoo achieved a record-setting financial performance in the first quarter, thanks to strong growth in its online advertising and search marketing businesses, the Sunnyvale, CA, company reported yesterday.
Marketing revenue was $635 million, representing nearly 50 percent organic growth in its marketing services. Most of that growth came from its acquisition of paid listings provider Overture Services. "

posted at 11:34 AM | pay-per-call search:
" will introduce a pay-per-call advertising platform for search listings to bring paid search to the millions of small businesses without Web sites, the company said yesterday.

FindWhat also plans to offer local advertisers a landing page for searchers to click through to get basic business information such as hours of operation. Yahoo's Overture Services is devising a similar service for its soon-to-be-released local search service. "

posted at 11:30 AM

Google Unlikely to reach 'search treble':
"The race for the number one search crown will divide into three distinct battles, each with a clear leader, according to a new report out from industry analyst Forrester Research.

The report highlights the current dominance enjoyed by Google in the search sector, but predicts that this will soon be diluted as both Microsoft and Yahoo gain strength and there will be no overall winner."

posted at 3:35 PM on Monday, April 12, 2004

Ask Jeeves: Why Buy Interactive Search Holdings?:
"Ask Jeeves' recent acquisition of Interactive Search Holdings has gone largely unremarked amid the recent sparring between industry titans Yahoo and Google. But the acquisition is significant, broadening Jeeves' reach and providing new resources that will be used to beef up its core Teoma search technology. "

posted at 11:46 PM on Friday, April 09, 2004

Local Search report suggests growth will not be as high as expected:
"A new report tossed cold water on hopes for explosive growth in the nascent local search market, predicting it will not grow as fast as the overall online advertising industry.
Jupiter Research issued a report yesterday forecasting that the market for local search advertising -- including Internet yellow pages and local offerings from search engines -- will grow 15 percent annually to reach $824 million in 2008, up from $408 million in 2003. The growth rate is lower than the 19 percent Jupiter forecasts for the overall Internet ad industry. "

posted at 1:14 AM on Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Ecommerce search is the new battleground:
"Yahoo and Google view e-commerce search as a new front in their battle for dominance in the search industry. " - not a surprising article, but some good general knowledge on where the major players are in their evolution

posted at 1:10 AM

More on Google GMail and other Google developments:
"With its contextual ad inventory expanding, Google announced it would introduce a new system to adjust for listings that do not perform as well. Called Smart Pricing, Google will adjust the cost per click for listings that it finds do not perform as well as others placed in different inventory. "

posted at 1:03 AM

Yahoo signs new Content Match Deals:
"Yahoo's Overture Services unit said yesterday that it signed distribution deals to display its Content Match paid listings on CNN Web sites, and
The three deals will greatly expand the reach of its Content Match program. Content Match scans a Web page and displays related keyword-triggered advertiser text listings at the bottom of the page. "

posted at 12:58 AM

Google Desktop?
Search Engine Watch article about the potential for Google to invade more of Microsoft's space... if the public trust them with their data...

posted at 1:38 AM on Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Google launch a free email service - currently still in Beta, but offering 1GB worth of mail storage space, it is sure to be a hit when it goes live. This will also allow them to target contextual AdWords to email recipients, although privicy will (or should!) become an issue for the provider.

posted at 1:24 AM

a search engine that is new to me - although not new - seems to have some quite good features although it last spidered this site at the end of Janaury.

posted at 6:38 PM on Friday, April 02, 2004

Yahoo field search
this shows some of the operators that can be used to get information from Yahoo! options include, intitle: inurl, site:, link:, hostname:, and url:

posted at 6:29 PM

Google print adds magazines
March 21, 2004: The beta Google Print project has added some magazine articles to the book extracts it has had previously. I am not sure when they first started adding these, but I have not seen them before today. It looks like it includes some short full text articles from several Reed Business Information publications such as Electronic News, Test & Measurement World, Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly. The title of each of these is preceded by [MAGAZINE] instead of [BOOK]. Try a search such as " magazine" to see some more.

posted at 6:22 PM

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