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Yahoo tests 'social' search | CNET
"Dubbed My Web 2.0, the service builds on personalized search features introduced in late April. Those features allowed Yahoo users to archive their search results and share them with other people using the service, but the next iteration will go even further.
People with a Yahoo login will be able to bookmark and cache copies of their favorite Web sites, label them in certain categories and attach comments in a structured way. Users will then be able to search among their contacts' knowledge base with what Yahoo is calling its MyRank search technology."

posted at 11:57 AM on Thursday, June 30, 2005

'DVD Jon' edits Google video | CNET
"A day after Google released its Video Viewer, a Norwegian programmer tweaked the application to make it play clips that are not on Google's servers. "

posted at 11:53 AM

Google mapping enters the third dimension | CNET
"Google has launched its new mapping service that uses local search and satellite images to give users a three-dimensional view of buildings and terrain.
Google Earth, announced on Tuesday, uses technology from the company's Keyhole division, a satellite mapping service it bought in October. The software for the service can be downloaded free from the search giant's Web site."

posted at 12:02 PM on Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Google automates personalized search | CNET
"Google on Tuesday launched a new version of its personalized search that monitors previous searches to refine future results.

Consumers must have a Google account to use the service. If they have been using the previous version of personalized search they will automatically be switched to the new version. The service will only be available when the person is signed on to the Google account. "

posted at 12:00 PM

Yahoo overhauls free Web e-mail service | CNET
"Yahoo is planning to overhaul its free Web-based e-mail service to make it work more like a desktop e-mail program, the company announced late Monday.
The service will feature e-mail caching to shorten response time, message preview and drag-and-drop filing, the company said. A limited number of customers will be able to participate in the beta test of the new service in coming weeks, with general availability to follow in coming months, said Ethan Diamond, product director for Yahoo e-mail. "

posted at 11:41 AM on Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Video search ready for playback | CNET
"Now the video index includes the new content, which is marked by a triangle icon. Users need to download Google Video Viewer from the site. Once they have, they can watch an entire video piece or start viewing at the section that includes their search keywords."

posted at 11:40 AM

Netimperative - MSN Local Search goes live:
"MSN has launched its new Local Search service in the US, allowing users to find local results from business, residential or local Web sites.
Launching as a beta-test, the service will also include maps and aerial images for select search results."

posted at 12:00 PM on Saturday, June 25, 2005

Netimperative - Yahoo! to match search ads with user behaviour:
"Yahoo! has reportedly begun testing a service that targets cost-per-click search ads based on consumer behaviour.
US trade magazine AdWeek reports that a pilot program is underway in partnership with US-based behavioral-targeting company Revenue Science. Under the scheme, Yahoo!'s cost-per-click text ads will be shown on Web pages using data collected by Revenue Science. Firms are hoping the service will yield more relevant search ads than ones based on page context, as used by Google's widely adopted Adsense model."

posted at 11:58 AM

Netimperative - Overture seals European deal with ValueClick:
"Search marketing firm Overture is to provide sponsored search and contextual advertising to ValueClick's Search123 division in Europe.
The multi-year deal will see the Yahoo-owned Overture provide its sponsored search listings to ValueClick's Pricerunner comparison shopping sites across Europe, including UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden and other sites included in the ValueClick Europe media network."

posted at 11:56 AM

Netimperative - Google adds satellite images to UK maps:
"Google has integrated satellite imagery into its free online mapping service in the UK.
The new service allows users to view maps and directions through satellite and aerial high-resolution digital photos provided by Keyhole, the satellite imaging firm Google bought in October last year. "

posted at 11:52 AM

Google CEO confirms online payment system | CNET
"Web search leader Google is developing an online payment system but not a direct rival to eBay's PayPal, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Tuesday. "

posted at 2:28 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Google vs. Yahoo: Clash of cultures | CNET
"As the two giants tussle for domination of online advertising dollars, it's increasingly clear that this tug-of-war is really a test of what kind of corporate culture an Internet company needs: Is it a by-the-numbers and increasingly Hollywood-savvy environment like Yahoo's? Or can an intellectual playground like Google continue to grow and thrive even as it approaches $4 billion in annual revenue?"

posted at 11:50 AM on Tuesday, June 21, 2005

MSN to offer local-search service | CNET
"Microsoft's MSN plans to launch on Tuesday a test version of a local-search function that integrates mapping and satellite image technology to help consumers pinpoint nearby stores and other locales.
MSN Virtual Earth, which Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates previewed in May, adds new tools to a search feature called Near Me that lets people get search results tailored to a geographic location. "

posted at 11:47 AM

Blogger Doesn't *Get* Search Marketing:
"I read a post at a blog site earlier today by someone that was contacted by a company about search marketing. He asked a few questions, did a few searches and decided that he didn't need search marketing from this company, or from anyone for that matter. While I understand his line of thinking, he missed the boat in many ways. Here's why he's wrong. "

posted at 12:47 PM on Monday, June 20, 2005

A New Business for Google: Online Payments:
"Exact details of the search company's planned service are not known. But the knowledgeable people say it could have similarities with PayPal, which allows consumers to pay for purchases on Web sites by funding electronic-payment accounts from their credit cards or checking accounts. Some consumers like PayPal for the security it offers, since it allows them to share their banking or credit-card numbers only with PayPal without having to divulge the information to merchants. Spokespeople for Google and PayPal declined to comment."

posted at 11:50 AM

Netimperative - Sponsored search to grow 47% in 2005:
"The amount spent on paid-for search listings is set to grow 47% in the US this year, according to a new report.
In its latest report, Merrill Lynch forecast that ad spend on sponsored search in the States will increase from $3.5bn in 2004 up to around $5.1bn in 2005."

posted at 10:10 AM

Netimperative - Google mobile search comes to UK:
"Google has launched a new service that allows UK users to search the web using their mobile devices.
Google Mobile Web Search is a new XHTML-based service that gives mobile users access to an index of web pages specially designed for the mobile phone's smaller screen size."

posted at 10:08 AM

Netimperative - Google to take on Paypal:
"Google is reportedly developing an electronic-payment service that would rival eBay's PayPal business.
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the search giant is planning to launch the service, going by the code name Google Wallet, before the end of the year."

posted at 10:08 AM

codename "Charlie" Yahoo ranking shift (Yahoo Sandbox):
"To those of you who have had problems with Yahoo rankings in the past few days, listen up.

Though you will see some more shifting in the next week or so, you need to be aware that this is NOT a co-op problem, nor is it a temporary glitch or PR stunt by Yahoo.

Yahoo has been working on a algorithmic tests for some time and we are on the front end of a MAJOR RANKING SHIFT, codenamed 'CHARLIE'."

posted at 2:31 PM on Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yahoo ramps up 'deep Web' search effort | CNET
"While most search engines crawl the Web and troll freely accessible sites, they cannot get into much of the so-called deep Web, vast amounts of data stored within paid and password-protected sites. Yahoo Search Subscriptions will allow search access to seven different subscription Web sites simultaneously, including the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal Online. "

posted at 12:44 PM

Cosmetic Changes at Google Precede Larger Overhaul:
"As of next week, Google will have finished sorting what might be its largest algorithm shift ever as the final points of the 3.5 part Bourbon Update were installed last Monday. This update has been staggered into three and a half sections in order to avoid a massive amount of dislocation in established rankings as was seen in previous major updates. While changes stemming from the Bourbon Update have not actually manifested into a full reordering of Google´┐Żs search engine results pages (SERPs), many individual webmasters have reported fairly significant losses or gains in ranking over the past few days. "

posted at 8:35 AM

Yahoo to buy Net phone services company | CNET
"Internet giant Yahoo has agreed to purchase Dialpad, a company that offers Internet telephony services, and expects to offer new voice services within the next few months, Yahoo said Tuesday.
'By combining Dialpad's technology and expertise with the technology we've already built in this area we can basically get to that next level at a much more rapid pace and scale more quickly' for the 61.7 million Yahoo Messenger users worldwide, said Joanna Stevens, Yahoo vice president of corporate communications. "

posted at 11:39 AM on Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Netscape co-founder eyes video blogs | CNET
"24 Hour Laundry (24HL) is a blogging and social networking site for consumers that will include video, according to sources familiar with the company's plans. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company--which boasts alumni from Netscape, Google and Excite--is currently looking for user interface designers, a director of engineering and other executives. While Andreessen has put money into the company and sits on the board, Gina Bianchini is the CEO, according to sources."

posted at 11:37 AM

Google Information for Webmasters:
"Don't use '&id=' as a parameter in your URLs, as we don't include these pages in our index. "

posted at 2:40 PM on Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Google readying Web-only video search | CNET
"Google is expected to unveil a search engine for Web-only video this summer that will let people preview media clips from its Web site, CNET has learned. "

posted at 2:11 PM

The New York Times > Technology > For Local Searchers, Amazon Adds Photos to Yellow Pages:
"With the service, Amazon joins Yahoo, Google and many other companies in offering the electronic equivalent of the yellow pages. But the Amazon service, developed by its search-focused subsidiary A9, adds a novel twist: 20 million photos of buildings in 10 major United States cities, with more on the way. "

posted at 4:14 PM on Thursday, June 09, 2005

Google AdWords Help Centre: What is the site exclusion feature?:
"there may be times where-for any reason-you feel that certain websites aren't appropriate for your ads. If this is the case, you can apply the AdWords site exclusion feature to prevent your ads from appearing on these sites."

posted at 12:04 PM on Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Google now most valuable media company | CNET
"Google took over the top spot as the most highly valued media company this week, surpassing Time Warner in just 10 months of trading as a public company. "

posted at 11:43 AM

Yahoo ditches fees on U.S. Web auctions | CNET
"Yahoo said it will generate revenue from its U.S. auctions by continuing to have paid search listings by its Yahoo Search Marketing division. Paid search ads are triggered by keywords related to their product or brand. "

posted at 3:44 PM on Monday, June 06, 2005

Espotting Media - Delivering Business to Businesses:

posted at 2:09 PM

MIVA - The new name for the FindWhat Group., Espotting Media, Miva Corporationk, Comet System.
Espotting and FindWhat rebrand to miva.

posted at 1:22 PM

The Art of Black Hat PPC Management by Mikkel deMib Svendsen:
"Black Hat PPC management is the art of getting around stupid rules and restraining guidelines to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in PPC engines. "

posted at 10:18 AM

The Keyword Density of Non-Sense by Dr. E. Garcia.:
Article discussing keyword density theories

posted at 10:16 AM

Ask Jeeves Serves Up New Features
"The query refinement enhancement, called Zoom, expands the 'related topics' search suggestions displayed in the right column of Ask Jeeves search results. Web Answers provides direct answers to queries posed as natural language questions. 'The new products are the culmination of 6 months of intensive work with our core search technology,' said Daniel Read, Ask Jeeves' vice president of product management."

posted at 10:28 AM on Friday, June 03, 2005

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