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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

Microsoft Excel Tips - select only visible cells: how to add this item to your excel toolbar...

Yahoo! Next:
"It's a showcase of some of Yahoo!'s newest and coolest projects - the cutting edge of what Yahoo!'s doing today and working on for tomorrow!"

Oversimplified DNS - Canonical Names (CNAME)

Explaination of the C-record for hosting subdomains using a domain name rather than an IP address

what is theThe ' A record'
A useful explaination of A-records and how to create a subdomain hosted on a different server using the A-record

FAQ: Protecting yourself from search engines | CNET
"AOL's publication of the search histories of more than 650,000 of its users should reinforce an important point: What you type in online may not be as private as you think. "

Info Vilesilencer: The Original SEO Friendly Free Directory List
list of directories

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