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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

Integrated Optimization - Artificial Intelligence - Scientific Marketing:
"Optimization consists in fine-tuning a set of experimental variables until a true optimum response is achieved within a feasible region. For all practical purposes optimization is the art of finding a happy medium or the best possible solution to a problem."

How To Redirect Browser Requests in Internet Information Services 5.0
Redirecting from an IIS server, assuming you have Administrative Access - 301 and 302 redirects for IIS. Ranking - Search engine results with thumbnail screenshots.
Clever tool that allows you to compare the rankings of different keywords in the same engine, or the same keyword in different engines.
Useful DNS tools to resolve hostnames / IP addresses

Overture - Overture Ambassador Program:
"Overture's Ambassador Program was developed to meet the needs of search engine marketing companies (SEMs) and other resellers managing Overture listings on behalf of clients. "

Quality Guide - Pareto Analysis:
"The first step of the Pareto Analysis is to gather data on the frequency of the causes. Looking over all the data they gathered when they were describing the problem, and the list of causes they created in the Cause-and-Effect Diagram, the team decides that they need to gather some more data on the frequency of the different possible causes. "

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
A good reference for learning programming languages

MSN Search Optimization:
"Microsoft's new Search Engine has finally launched which will compete head to head with Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. "

Google Optimization:
"Google Optimization forum discussing techniques for Google and anything to do with the Google Search Engine including the infamous Google Dance! "

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