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Inside the Teoma algorithm - Search engine boss Paul Gardi. - a good interview w/ mike grehan
"o Mike:
So, I have to ask you, if you were talking to some
guy who's just starting with this stuff... You know,
I think I know what best practice is but, there's a
lot of stuff that's just not about basic web pages.
There's linkage data and all that. If you're just new
to the web and you have no linkage and don't know
much about the 'black-box' side of search engines...
what do you do?
o Paul:
He wants to be a good... Hmmm... I'd say the same
thing as I'd say to some guy who's just arrived
in town and said, you know... I need a job. I'd say:
'What are you good at?'
And then what kind of advice would you give that
person? Well this is exactly the way the web works.
I'd say knock on a few doors. Go and meet people.
Talk to them and tell them what you're good at. And
the ones who will like you for that will put you in
their address book or their filing system so they
have a record of you. They can then refer to you
when they have a question, or refer you to someone
who may be looking for whatever it is you do. You
become known for something and you become a member of
a community. You mix in that community.
If you're good at tennis, you join the tennis club.
You become a member of a community and if you're a
genuine value provider, of genuine interest they will
treat you and accept you as part of the community as
well. And it doesn't take as long as some people
think it takes. The structures are already there,
we're refreshing the pages all the time. If a new
page comes up, we may not find it straight away, so
you can use paid inclusion so we actually know you're
there right at the beginning. And if you've got "

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) Explained
Explanation of Wordtracker's KEI tool

SEM Power Tool: The Mighty HTTP Referrer:
"To really tap into search engine marketing's (SEM's) power, search marketers have to get technical every once in a while. This is one of those times. The more you know about the HTTP referrer (also called 'the referrer'), the more information you have at your fingertips. " - a different way of explaining the need for web analytics

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