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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

Search Engine Tools:
Some very useful online search engine tools allowing you to check what system a website is running on, check your robots.txt, your HTML and also the keyword density of a page

Feedster :: RSS Search Engine
RSS feeds tools to allow you to syndicate your own RSS feed, or publish others.

Yoo-hoo, Net search is more than Yahoo
Article saying that there is more to search than just google and yahoo - and its right - there are better search engines for specialist subjects.

Google Dance Tool:
"During the update, which takes several days, the 3 Google servers display different results. Whilst the results vary from server to server, they are said to be 'dancing', hence the name 'Google Dance'. " This will let you see when there are differences between your rankings on the 3 main Google servers. FREE Webmaster Tools
Some good tools for webmasters to check the keyword density of their pages, as well as other checks that Search Engines often use to rank pages.

Making An RSS Feed
A good article about making an RSS feed and the benefits of doing it : The UK Web directory
A UK web directory site. Potentially worth requesting a link for UK based companies

Link Popularity Check - Marketleap Search Engine Marketing Tools
Another link popularity checker that allows you to compare between you and your competitors The Free Link Popularity Service
Another link popularity checker

Link Popularity Check
This Link Popularity Check will search Lycos/AllTheWeb, MSN, AltaVista to determine how many indexed pages on the Internet contain links to your site

Optimizing Frames for Search Engines
Code for a JavaScript frame builder

This is a list of the Copyright links for various web properties:
AOL/Open Directory:

Overture - Advertiser"s Guide to Listing with Overture
Overture's online listings guideline

Yahoo! Review on Search Engine Showdown
A good, pretty comprehensive review of Yahoo and its search features.

Remove Content from Google's Index
How to remove a URL from Google's index

Why Google needs Orkut (Jeremy Zawodny's blog)
Excellent rationale for Google's Orkut technology.

"In all the discussion of Orkut I've seen so far, most folks are busy comparing Orkut to every other social networking web site around, but as we all know these sites are a dime a dozen these days. At least it seems that way.

What surprises me is that nobody has looked at it the other way around: What problems might Orkut solve that Google would otherwise find significantly more challenging?

Those that do seem to speculate about "applying your social network to search" and other exotic stuff, but I'm thinking of something far more basic than that: users."

Search Features Chart
some helpful search operators / functions allinurl, search anchor, etc

Overture - View Bids
This URL will allow you to view the bids that have been made on Overture UK for any specific keyword.

Search Engine News: Search Engine Industry/Articles Sorted By Search Engine
A great resource of search engine news articles, sorted by search engine.

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