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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

CSS Tabs example
This is a nice example of how to reduce code by using a CSS driven navigation.

How To Use HTML Meta Tags
A good basic tutorial in how to use Meta Tags for SEO.

Ten Tips to the Top of the Search Engines
A good basic guide to beginning and undertaking an SEO campaign.

Frame Busting.
This is the code required to remove another site's frameset, if it displays your URL inside its own frameset.

Link Equity Explained
An article explaining link equity (link popularity) (PDF)

KwMap - keyword research tool
an interesting keyword research tool - push the "new keyword" button and then submit a relevant keyword phrase - this will then give you a map of related terms.

Crawler Insights From Google and Yahoo
A few basic tips from the SES conference in New York at the start of the month.

Google Adwords: Keyword Suggestions
Google's keyword suggestion tool - this does not give the number of searches for a term, only suggestions for potential keywords.

Yahoo! Submit Your Site
Link to the various (including free) submission options to the Yahoo index

Google WebQuotes
possibly a sign that search is moving in the direction of P2P search. While P2P may be hard to govern, this method from Google will allow users to read what 3 people say about the sites in thier results.

About Google
Information on the various services available at and how to use them.

Google Information for Webmasters:
Google's webmaster guidelines. This is a basic guide to the do's and don'ts of Search Engine Optimisation - Setting a Search Budget?: "That's why automated systems exist that look at the entire search engine space as one entity and set budgets by individual keyword listing. After all, an engine is an engine is an engine. You shouldn?Dt care where your orders or leads come from as long as they are acquired at or below your target cost.
If you have a fixed budget to allocate, then you want to lower your overall average target cost per customer (or lead), resulting in the biggest bang for your buck. Of course, the tragedy is you are probably leaving revenue and profit on the table if you budgeted rather than managing to an ROI metric. " : TrackBack Explanation
hmmm. Apparently this is seriously messing with Google results...
a blogging service

Yahoo! Help - Slurp FAQ
FAQ for Slurp, the Yahoo crawler.

Inktomi Web Search FAQ
FAQ for the Inktomi search index. Including information on Slurp.

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