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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

fantomas mailShield ver. 01.01.01-e
This is the fantomas email protector - lets you uni-encode content on your website to help prevent robots harvesting your email address for spamming purposes

Yahoo! Shortcuts
A list of the shortcuts for yahoo search

Welcome to Google Advertising Professionals:
"Google Advertising Professionals"
Google are looking to start their own 'degree' programme - this is really just to better educate users, so that their campaigns will become more successful, so more people will spend more money! makes sense!

Google Help Central
A google cheat sheet to help you remember all the operators currently available

Getting Started: Apache mod_rewrite Methods - SitePoint Open Source Blog
Information on mod_rewrite

Google AdWords FAQ: Click Quality Monitoring:
"answers to questions about how Google monitors click quality"

Ask Jeeves About
Information about the Ask Jeeves crawler, Teoma.

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