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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

Lynx Viewer
This will allow a user to look at a webpage as a search engine might see it. The google spider is based on the Lynx browser.

Search Engine Strategy: Links or Content?
an article about the two camps and their opinions. But you must have both to succeed across all search engines...

Google Search:
This shows all URLs that a domain currently has in the Google index.

Lycos 50
This resource shows the top 50 searches on Lycos for the week.

Redirecting URLs with ASP
For those using ASP, this link shows how to code a 301 redirect in ASP and ASP.NET

Search Engine World - Tools
This is a resource area on the search engine world website

Index DOT Css
This is a CSS resource - Use CSS to help reduce the amount of code used in each page by putting it in an external file.

Playing Googlebot with Mozilla Firebird
This is a clever way of simulating the actions of Googlebot when indexing a website

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