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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

CSS Rollover Buttons
good for reducing code if unable to move away from image based navigation.

Mooter - Web Search
Hmmm. clustering search engine. not too sure of its usefulness.

Free Search Engine Ranking & Keyword Tracker / Keyword Ranking Tool / SEO Rank : Search Engine Position Analysis Report
A web based SE results / positioning tool for Google. This is permitted under Google's terms of service, unlike most other ranking software Seems to work very quickly and accurately.

Sorting Out SiteMatch
A good thorough explaination of Yahoo's Overture Site Match Programme. "Basically, it all boils down to Return on Investment. For some sites/pages SiteMatch makes economic sense, for others it would be far too costly an exercise."

Optimize Flash

Information on Flash optimisation for search marketing

stephen hall
This is a test link to see if A9 has any effect on link popularity

SearchGuild relationship chart
This appears to be quite an up to date SE relationships table.

XML Tryit Editor v1.4
resource to demonstrate how to use XML

Search engine news, on Web searching and search engine optimization
Pandia Search News resource

Search Engine Relationship Table
This one is quite up to date and seems to be updated quite regularly.

CSS ID and Class.
This shows the difference between using the "id" and the "class" statements in Cascading Style Sheets

Spotting Search Engine Spam: Q&A
A nice fairly comprehensive guide for what not to do when trying to rank well in search engines.

Submitting to Directories - a Comprehensive Guide
A guide to help decide which directories to register with to help increase user figures and increase link popularity.

Search Engine Dictionary: Glossary of Search Engine Terms
a dictionay of useful terms relating to Search engines.

Fine Brand Media: Guidelines for a Link Exchange Policy
Good article to help explain Link Popularity and how to go about it.

Fine Brand Media ideacenter : Technical Topics
Some good base-level introductions to the technical side of SEO and building websites. Frequently Asked Questions - URL Investigator
This gives information about URLs in the AllTheWeb search engine, including who owns the domain, what language, when it was last updated..

Overture and Wordtracker Keyword Counts and Suggestions
This tool allows you to check both Overture (US) and Wordtracker's databases to show the number of searches and other potential keywords.

Online Webrank Checker
This page will allow you to see the Yahoo! Web Rank of any webpage. Exactly how the Web Rank is determined seems to be unclear.

Yahoo realeases Web Rank
Yahoo have released a page ranking system for their toolbar similar to Google's PageRank system. It is called web rank, but apparently the Beta test for this is no longer open. Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Watch highlights that they should have learned from Google's "mistake", but at the same time, what SEO does not have the Google toolbar active on their computer to let them see the PR of the sites they are working on and competing against?

PageRank Checking Tool
This tool will allow you to check what the PageRank of websites for certain search phrases are.

Yahoo! RSS faq
This is a reference to yahoo's customisation tool for allowing RSS feeds to be displayed on you "my yahoo!" page. Expect to see more of this.

I also noticed that while the rest of this website was being indexed by the new Yahoo!, all pages that are 'blogged' are not included if "stevetall" is searched for, but of you search for "stevetall sem news", then the initial blog pages show up, but not the archives. These pages also show no cached version.

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